"Our daughter Bailey played club for seven years. She started on 12G. We watched our daughter develop a drive and desire to play volleyball that was unlike anything we've ever seen. The skills she learned and training she received were top notch! It wasn't long before she knew she wanted to play college ball. Watching and listening , my husband and I knew Club Idaho was where Bay needed to be. Joyce has a 100% success rate for getting the girls some type of scholarship. Bay worked her rear off throughout high school and club, and achieved her dream! Is club worth it....EVERY SINGLE PENNY! You're not paying for 'club', you're paying for your child's future. So much is learned, not just volleyball. Leadership skills, thinking skills, friendships are formed, the list goes on and on! Choosing the right fit for our kids is important, and choosing Club Idaho is a great choice. --Kelly Irwin, parent

"We have played for Club Idaho since Tessa was 12 years old. At 15, Tess decided to play for another club, which turned out to be a huge mistake! Sure the new club did well, but it unpredictably disbanded after the season and we were left hanging! Luckily, Joyce not only took us back with open arms, but then she took Tess under her wing for Fall Ball, to which Tess said, "I feel like the coaches know how to talk to me and I understand things, this is going to the best year yet". Bottom line, Joyce has the wisdom to run a well organized club. She chooses staff that on a daily basis shows up and dedicates themselves to the kids and their goals. No wonder she's been in the game this long! - Jolene Anderson, parent

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